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Now, You May Be thinking, "Give me a break.  This is just a photo shoot."


Well, yes, but you and that special someone are going to treasure these pictures more than most people could understand!  I wish I could put into words the wonderful reactions I've seen (and heard about) when these sexy pictures are given as the perfect wedding gift, anniversary gift or just to show how much you love your husband. So let's be sure this is some really amazing boudoir photography!  Right?  And that's what we're all about. That's what's so special about our boudoir photography studio in Alabama.


It's not the lens we use.  It's not the camera we use. It's not the backgrounds we use (Although we use the best of everything). It's not my years of experience as a boudoir photographer. The thing that separates us from other boudoir photographers is how sincerely we want to help you look absolutely perfect - stunning - fantastic - better than ever - in your boudoir pictures.


Boudoir Photographers Secret #6 Is A Little Technical, But

Extremely Important To Your Boudoir Photography Shoot!


Most people (and an awful lot of boudoir photographers) don't realize how important light is in glamour photography. The wrong light, and the wrong direction of light can add up to 27 pounds to you in boudoir pictures and also bring out your worst features!


It's really a matter of life or death in glamour pictures.  The light is the "paint brush" with which I "paint" your glamour pictures.  It's very important!


Now, one of the things that separates my photography from so many other photographers is that I have studied light from the true Masters of glamour photography for over 20 years.


I understand the different types and direction of light that will help you look your VERY BEST in boudoir portraits.  And this is different for every person!  Again, that's another reason we meet you in advance, so we can determine the very BEST LIGHT for you and have it ready to use at your session day and time.


You see, there are five major highlight areas just on your face. And they must be PERFECTLY lighted, or you won't look your best in your boudoir photography!


I don't want to get too technical here, but if you're still reading this, you realize how important this boudoir photography session is, and you sincerely want to look your absolute best.  So... the "Transition Zone" of light, between the highlights and the shadows is what "paints" the contours of your face, and brings out your personality and "SPARKLE." So we want to be sure that this "Transition Zone" is perfect, too!  I could go on and on, but you get the idea.


Also, light is equally important for outdoor glamour pictures! It must be absolutely PERFECT if we are to create a boudoir picture of you which truly "Sparkles".  So, the type of outdoor boudoir pictures you like will then determine the perfect TIME OF DAY to create the boudoir portraits. It's so important!


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