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Boudoir Photographers Secret #9 Is Of Enormous Importance!

Don't Miss This One!


This mistake has ruined so many glamour portraits!  It's the mistake of not choosing a glamour photographer who GUARANTEES THAT YOU WILL BE THRILLED - and who will give you all your money back, if you aren't!


Here's our guarantee: "You will be THRILLED (not just 'satisfied') with your portraits, or we will do whatever is necessary for you to be thrilled, or we will return every penny of your money. No hassles and no hard feelings either. We want you to be THRILLED with your boudoir pictures, and will spare no effort or expense to see to it that you are! We absolutely guarantee it!"


You see, only a photographer who really believes in his boudoir photography and service is going to be willing to have such a powerful guarantee.  So his guarantee is your first indication of whether or not you even want to work with him.  I just can't stress this enough.  Ask about the guarantee.  Listen to their reaction. That will tell you if you want to trust your boudoir pictures to that photographer.


Boudoir Photographers Secret #10 Is So Obvious, And Yet Most

People Don't Do It!


What's this mistake? Not asking lots of questions when you're talking with boudoir photographers.  Now, if you're still reading this, you certainly have the questions to ask, right?


Remember, you are the customer - you have all the rights!  You have the right to ask the tough questions, before you make any decisions!


You ask them first about their guarantee, and see how they respond.


Then you ask them if they will meet with you in person, at no charge, to discuss the clothing, locations etc,.


Then ask them about how they light the hair perfectly. Ask them if they have studied with the greatest boudoir photographers of all time.


Then ask them how much time they are going to spend with you.  And do they do outdoor boudoir portraits, as well as indoor portraits.


Ask them if they understand the importance of the correct lighting of the "Five Major Highlight Areas."  Ask them if they know what a "Transition Zone" is.


Ask them how they get natural boudoir poses.


See how much you have learned about boudoir photographers so far?  Pretty amazing, when you think about it, isn't it?


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