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Boudoir Photographers Secret #7 Is A Very Important One!


Nine out of ten people don't realize how important boudoir posing is. The most important word when it comes to boudoir posing is "NATURAL." You absolutely don't want to look stiff and fake! One of the most common comments we hear from our clients is how "natural" the boudoir pictures look. Our boudoir clients love how good they look, but they also love how "natural" they appear in the boudoir pictures.


You see, I understand that you want to look really great, but there are only certain boudoir pictures that should use dramatic posing. Weird, stupid, pathetic poses make you look stiff and unnatural.


Yes, I will "guide" you so the composition and "look" of the boudoir pictures. You and I will work together to help you look confident, comfortable, and just plain great!


Boudoir Photographers Secret #8 This Is Extremely Important To Your Pictures!  Don't Miss This:


You want to be sure to select a boudoir photographer who will not "manhandle" you with the posing. Almost all the boudoir photographers in Alabama tend to touch their clients and push them around way too much when posing them (In my humble opinion.) The posing is so important, and should not be done by sticking you in the middle of your back if you aren't sitting up quite straight enough!  But that's what so many photographers do. Not only does this make you really uncomfortable, but it also makes you look stiff!


That's why I call it "guiding".  I will guide you into the perfect boudoir pose.  This is so important to helping you feel comfortable!


However, I am really picky.  I'll be very careful, and very attentive to detail. I may pick a little at your hair if something is out of place. I straighten your collar or sleeves.


Don't worry about a thing! We'll make sure you look "like a million bucks"!  We're very picky, but we don't manhandle you - and we won't drive you "nuts" with being overly picky either!


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